There are many accommodation options for international students who will go to a different country to study abroad. One of these options is homestay accommodation. While you will have the opportunity to practice more, you will have the chance to get to know their culture closely. Paying attention to some elements in homestay accommodation can help both sides for a more peaceful environment.

Before Choosing a Family, Definitely Determine Your Criteria

Do not expect your advisor to choose the family you will stay with in homestay accommodation. After determining your criteria, it will be the best choice for you to convey them to your advisor. Thus, when you go, you manage to keep your risk of encountering a situation that you do not expect or dislike at a minimum level.

It's Good to Research Their Culture Before You Go

After all, you are going to another country and their culture may be very different from yours. Be sure to research their culture before you go. Everything from watching television habits to meal times can vary a lot. An event that is welcome in your culture may be shameful in their culture. You don't want to stay in such a situation and be misunderstood.

Pay Attention to Their Mother Tongue

We recommend that you should make sure that the language you study abroad is the mother tongue of the family you will be staying with. In this way, you will have the opportunity to practice much more, and since you know their language, you will understand them better and learn their culture much better.

Don't Worry About Security

Homestay accommodation is considered an unsafe type of accommodation. But that is not at all. Schools and the immigration office are working together on this issue. Families go through all kinds of security checks and mental checks. At the same time, the availability of their homes is also checked. Families are not accepted unless there is a safe or comfortable situation for students who will come to the country to study abroad. Therefore, you can choose the family you will stay with with peace in mind.

Prefer to Bring a Gift When You Go

They will like you to buy a gift from your own culture or country and take it with you when you go to the family you will be staying with. This way, you get a good beginning and say a kind of thank you.

Take Care to Communicate

They may be speaking a different language than your mother tongue. This may make it difficult for you to communicate or you may not be able to speak because you are embarrassed. It is very normal for you to experience these, but the family you will be staying with is aware of all this. As you communicate, your shyness will pass and it will be easier for you to talk. At the same time, when you communicate, you learn the rules of the house better and get to know the people you stay with better.

Participating in Activities Lets You Know Them Better

If you want to get to know them better and introduce yourself better, make sure to participate in the activities in the homestay. Activities such as watching a match, cooking, playing games will make you more social and will allow you to have a more enjoyable time.

Pay Attention to the Time

The family you are staying with may have time rules. They can set rules such as meal times, entry and exit times. You should learn them well and follow these hours. If you are going to return home late in the evening, you should definitely inform the family. Otherwise, they will wonder about you because if you have chosen a homestay, the family you are staying with is responsible for protecting you in that country. Leaving them in a difficult situation will put you in a difficult situation. At the same time, if you cannot attend the dinner, it will be to your advantage to inform the family.

Be Kind and Honest

Try to be polite and honest when resolving any disputes or problems that arise. Being rude to people who have opened their homes to you will not be accepted as normal and will cause other problems during your stay. As long as you are constructive, cool and calm, you can manage the situation much better. In case of any problem that you cannot solve, you can contact the relevant department in the school where you are studying abroad and request a change in your family.

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